Capsicum Curry


Capsicum Curry:

Today Capsicum recipe it is very tasty to eat chapati,rote,parota are any rice item it is very tasty to eat.This recipe is i like so much to eat,i usually make it weekly once.My family members are also like so much to eat this recipe.This capsicum recipe very useful to health and this helps in easy to digestion.

This green recipes look likes a bit of creamy  because  we added ground nut powder in it. it  Healthy and to eat. 

capsicum curry


Ground nut paste-1 tsp
Chilli powder-1/2 tsp
Salt to taste
Mustard seeds-1 tsp
Oil-2 tsp
Curry leaves-5
coriander powder-1/2 tsp
capsicum curry


First take Capsicum  vegetable  and chopped it small pieces and also take Onion and cut into small pieces and take tomato chopped it.  
1. Heat 2 table spoons of oil during a pressure cooker.
2.Splutter mustard seeds.and curry leaves fry it 1 min.
3.Take and Fry onions and capsicum for five min.
4.Add chopped tomato and mix well.Pressure cook the same on a medium flame up-to one whistle. don't add water.Remove from flame.
5.When cool, open the cooker.Add coriander powder, chilly powder and groundnut paste into the mixture &amp, heat it for a few more time.

Serve hot with chappathis. style of any vegetable lies once it's cooked on a low flame while not adding water. you can add coconut instead of groundnut paste.

Capsicum curry

Poha Recipe


Poha Recipe:

Poha Recipe


Medium poha-3 cups
green chilli's-3
mustard seeds-1/4 tsp
turmeric pwd-A pinch
Grated coconut-1/2 cup
salt to taste
rasam pwd-1 tsp(optional)
jaggery-a small piece 
cumin seeds-1/4 tsp
oil-3 tsp
black gram dal-1/2 tsp


1. green chillies and onions chop fine as shown within the image above.

 2.mix jaggary, tamarind in 1/2 cup water and bring it to boil and keep it aside.

3. Place a pan with 4-5 teaspoons of oil in it on a medium flame. On heating add mustard seeds to that. On sputtering add blackgram dkl as well.

4.To this add chopped green chillies, curry leaves and chopped onions . also add turmeric powder and needed amount of salt to that and fry untill onions turn clear stiring ocassionally.

5. once onions turn clear add washed poha masala mixture from step one and jaggery-tamarind mixture from step three to it and stir well.

6.Enjoy masala poha with either Masala peanuts,or any mixture of your choice.

Poha Recipe

Grape Juice Recipe


Grape Juice Recipe:

Grape Juice Recipe

It has several health benefits........

Control the blood clots
Control the level of LDL cholesterol
It prevents degeneration of muscles that happens with age
cholesterol. This prevents blockage of arteries and therefore the heart remains healthy.
Resveratrol found in fruit juice prevents the formation of tumors
in the body. so this prevents cancer. Purple-colored fruit juice
prevents breast cancer.
By drinking this juice, the degree of gas is increased in the
body that reduces the formation of clots in blood vessels. This reduces chances of heart attacks. Drinking fruit juice daily helps in lowering blood pressure.
harm has anti-aging properties and it also helps to
reduce weight.
Antioxidants gift in grape juice repair damaged cells and
also forestall them from further damage.
Cough and acidity stay far from the one that drinks
grape juice often.
Taking fruit juice within the morning without sugar helpsin curing headache. it's a good home remedy for migraine.
grape juice cures blood disorders and may be a very good setup of blood. It flushes out harmful toxins from the body.
fruit juice additionally cures constipation problem because it acts as a good laxative
Antioxidants gift in fruit juice will help in preventing aging
related problems like Alzheimer’s sickness.
The purple fruit juice helps in fighting arterial sclerosis .
Antioxidants present in fruit juice boost the immune syste



Grape's-1/4 kg

Sugar--5 tsp


1 Pick the grapes and clean it well.
2.Add 2 cups of water and boil it.
3.keep it over night. day grind it mixer or squeeze with hands.
5.Add the suger into that squeezed grape and mix well.
6.Allow to coll  grape juice into the refrigerator. 
7.serve it chilled.

Healthy grape juice is ready to drink

Grape Juice Recipe

Idle Upma Recice


Idle Upma Recice:

Idle Upma Recice

As the name clearly suggests, it's upma made with idli. this can be the proper way to pack up leftover idlis. What do you do with the idlis lying in the icebox from the previous night's dinner and is rock solid within the morning? straightforward, it transforms into this delicious upma for breakfast. It's morphed so well that it tastes higher than the actual idlis. There ar such a lot of ways that to prepare this upma. you'll be able to simply dice the idlis into tiny items, do some tempering and fry the idlis. Add some vegetables thereto or prepare a tomato-onion gravy and mix the pieces of idli thereto and even more. the following technique is my grandmother's version of preparing idli upma with few changes by me.


oil-2 tsp
chana dal-1 tsp
curry leaves-8
mustard seeds-1/4 tsp
raw peanuts-
toor dal -1 tsp
onion-1 chopped
green chilli-2
grated ginger-1 tsp
turmerick pwd-pinch
salt to taste


1.Take 7 Idle's Break it from your hand and mix it well to prepare Idle upma.keep it a side.

2.Take a pan and Add 2 tasp spoons of oil and leave it for 2 min it will hot and addMustard seeds and chopped onions and green chilli's leave it some time it turn gold colour.

3.After that add raw peanuts,chana dal,toor dal,turmerick pwd,salt to taste,grated ginger 1 tsp
and leave it for 2 min.

4.last you will Add breaked Idle into that pan and mix it well until warm. hot special idle upma ready to eat.

Maramaralu Upma Recipe


Maramaralu Upma Recipe:

Maramaralu Upma Recipe

Maramaralu upma, that is also called mandakki upma, puffed rice upma, or pori upma, is one in every of the puffed rice recipes that may be ready in no time. If you're about to make an instant breakfast or a lightweight evening food, then the maramaralu upma may be a cooking that may meet your wants.

The dry cereal upma wants solely the everyday ingredients. What about the taste? it's wonderful. Add the roast gram powder to scale the style of this food even higher.

Garnish the dish with coriander leaves and recent coconut gratings and with a few drops of juice to add another tasty dimension to the current instant upma.


oil-2 tsp
chana dal-1 tsp
urad dal-1/2 tsp
mustard seeds-little bit
turmeric pwd-2 pinch
green chilli-2
onion -1
curry leaves-10
 lemon juice-to taste
for garnish coriander leaves


Look for burned dry cereal or rice husk that will be gift within the maramaralu / puffed rice and discard such rice.
Add maramaralu to implement utensil with regarding 5 to 6 cups of water.

Rinse the maramaralu within the water utensil.

If you use Mysore puri / puffed rice (thick variety), soak it in water for about 5 minutes.
Remove the maramaralu from the water, using your hand(s) and press the ingredient tightly to get rid of excess water.  

Keep the maramaralu on a plate. when removing all the maramaralu from the water, discard it.
Rinse the maramarulu in water once more and repeat Step three.
Chop the onion and green chilies.
Heat oil in a thick-bottom vessel.
Add mustard seeds. once these begin to splutter, add channa dal and urad dal.

Fry until the dals turn golden-brown.
Add curry leaves, sliced onion and green chilies.  

Fry until the onion chops become golden brown.  
Add turmeric.

Keep preparation till there is no raw smell of turmeric.
Add puffed rice and salt.

Mix slowly until maramaralu becomes hot.
Add juice. Mix.

Switch off the stove.
Garnish with coriander leaves and coconut gratings

Maramaralu / pori / mandakki upma is ready.

Maramaralu Upma Recipe

Onion Pakoda Recipe


Onion Pakoda Recipe:

For most for us Indians, the proper and comforting food throughout cold weathers or season could be a very popular and comforting Indian snack, Pakoda or Pakodi. Best enjoyed over a hot cup of tea, the cripsy and spicy Pakodi makes tea time one thing special, almost sort of a bonding time between family and friends.
Its not simply atmospheric condition or rains that makes American state crave for pakodas, I will have all year around as area unit|they're} not solely tasty however may be ready in an exceedingly bit and with ingredients that are sometimes offered within the pantry.
Prepared from a batter of besan , rice flour, onions, curry leaves and inexperienced chillis, Pakodas area unit deep deep-fried until they attain a fine looking golden brown color. each soft pakodas and exhausting pakodis  may be ready from a similar batter and its the feel of the batter that makes them soft or exhausting.

Go to any busy crossing in an exceedingly city or town and one is certain to search out streets  lined by hawkers, preparation the food right before your eyes and commerce hot pakodis. Here in Andhra, a well-liked snack that sells alright is that the the tender kind of pakodi called gatti ulli pakodi, wherever the batter is ready by exploitation little or no water. The less water wont to combine the flours, the more durable the batter is, to arrange crisp gatti pakodi which may be keep in air tight containers for many days.


1 1/2 cups Gram dal pwd
½ cup rice flour
5 green chillis, finely chopped
4 large onions, sliced
2 spring onions (optional)
2 tbsp melted ghee
15 sprigs curry leaves
salt to taste
pinch of baking soda
oil for deep frying


1Combine each the flours with salt, soda, green chillis, curry leaves and onions. Add the liquefied ghee and blend well with fingers. mix well until u have a breakable texture.

2 Add few tablespoons of water and blend well that it forms a tough batter. Don’t add too much water.

3. Heat enough oil in a very deep pan. It ought to be piping hot. Use your fingers to drop the batter within the oil to create small fritters. reduce heat to medium and deep fry until they turn golden brown. Use a ladle to stay turning the fritters in order that it cooks on all sides.

 4.Once they turn golden brown, take away them on to absorbent paper. Store in air tight containers and function evening snacks over a hot cup of masala chai.

Bellam Payasam / jaggery Payasam


Bellam Payasam / jaggery Payasam:

bellam payasam

Learn how to form Senaga Pappu Payasam recipe at home. Senaga pappu payasam may be a traditional Andhra dish that we tend to prepare for several festivals. Preparation of Senaga pappu payasam is  simple and takes very less time to try to to.

If you discover this Senaga Pappu Payasam formula is useful then please share together with your friends. Here we've got given list of ingredients and procedure on the way to create Senaga Pappu Payasam recipe, so anyone will create this Senaga Pappu Payasam terribly simply with none experiance on creating this recipe.


Senaga pappu-1 cup
jaggery-1 cup
milk-2 cup
cardamon pwd-1/2 tsp
cashew nuts-5 gm
ghee-3 tsp


1.Preparation of Jaggery payasam.

2.Soak Senga pappu in water for15 min, and cook in pressure cooker for up to 3 whistles (soft).

3.Heat a pan, add ghee and toast the cashew haywire and raisins until golden brown. take away from pan, keep aside.

4.In a significant round-bottom vessel, add the jagghery powered and water and let it cook for 7-8 minutes on low flame.

5.Add the toasted chana decalitre together with left over liquid and let it slowly simmer for 6-7 minutes, stirring it once in a while.

6.Turn off heat. Add the low fat milk and mix. On low flame, allow the payasam to cook for 4-5 minutes.
Add the cardamom powder cooked cashews. Serve heat or chilled.

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